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  1. About Counseling

    Welcome to New Hope Counseling

    New Hope Counseling offers mental health services at our West End location. We provide a broad range of counseling services for individuals, couples, families and groups.

    Getting a New Start in Life

    Evidence based treatments are used to address issues involving difficult adjustment, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, marital conflict, addiction and personality disorders.

  2. Services

    New Hope Counseling Services

    mental health counseling

    Mental Health Counseling/Clinical Service

    New Hope offers counseling in the following formats: Individual, marriage, and family therapy.

    Evidence based treatments are implemented in a caring therapeutic environment. Sessions are 45-50 minutes in length and can be scheduled by phone or online. Counseling via Skype or phone is also available.

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    support groups

    Support Groups

    Support groups are an effective part mental health counseling. They offer clients with common symptoms to meet and share experiences, learn coping skills and better manage their challenges. Clients participating in support groups often report feeling understood and gaining insight from hearing the experiences of others facing difficult changes or adversity in their lives.

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    LPC supervision

    LPC Supervision/ Resident Training

    The Commonwealth of VA has strict guidelines for Licensure as a professional Counselor (LPC). New Hope provides the required residency supervision and workshops to interpret the requirements, complete forms, find resident opportunities and help you prepare for the licensure exam.

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    adjustment issues

    Adjustment Issues

    Sessions can help individuals manage difficult life transitions and are individually tailored to your needs.

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    Consulting/QMHP Training

    New Hope provides consulting, support and training for community based service providers. Start up companies can benefit from years of combined experience in community based service including: review of documentation, utilization review, independent QA review (before the audit), inservice training of QMHP staff on documentation and other critical counseling issues.

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  3. Meet the Team

    Our Credentials

    The New Hope Counseling team brings together over 23+ years experience in professional counseling. We offer accomdating schedules (M-F early at 7:00AM and some evening n' Saturday appointments).


    Misty R Davis, MS (LPC)

    Misty Davis has been providing professional counseling for the past twenty three years including counseling clients at Yale University for five years and clients in several psychiatric hospitals.

    provided clinical services for LDS Family services
    health support for clients suffering from chronic severe mental illness
    practices out of the Richmond office

    Education (Misty Davis)

    Over 23 years professional counseling services.

    VCU School of Medicine - Richmond, VA
    Post Masters Degree: Counseling
    Southern Connecticut State University
    MS Degree: Counseling
    Cedar Crest College - Allentown, PA
    BS Degree: Biology and Chemistry

    Panel 3


    New Hope Counseling is licensed by the VA Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services as a provider of Intensive In-home Services

    Professional licenses (LPC, LCSW) are held by the owner and various key staff members.


    Outpatient Counseling - Inhome Counseling
    Life Coaching and Support Groups
    LPC Supervision
    Consulting/QMHP Training

  4. Forms and Fees

    Appointment Forms and Fees

    Pre-Appointment Forms

    Download Pre-Appointment Forms

    We request that you please complete the following forms prior to your schedule appointment:

    Counseling Fees

    Counseling Fees

    We accept most major insurance providers.

    Initial Evaluation: $150

    Full Session (50 min): $125

    Life-Coaching Session: $100

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    Contact us via phone or email regarding questions, fees, and any other information.

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    address 10134 West Broad Street
    Glen Allen, VA 23060

    (West End) - google map it
    telephone (804) 310-2948 (West End)

    (866) 757-5093 (FAX)

    Office Hours:
    7:00AM  (first appointment) -
    5:00PM  (last appointment)
  6. EMDR Forms

    EMDR Forms


    These forms are only required for EMDR clients. Please click the PDF link to open and print.

    address 10134 West Broad Street
    Glen Allen, VA 23060

    (West End) - google map it
    telephone (804) 310-2948 (West End)

    (866) 757-5093 (FAX)


    Office Hours:
    7:00AM  (first appointment) -
    5:00PM  (last appointment)